Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Ethics & the National Association of Mortgage Brokers

Currently serving as president and owner of Viking Real Estate Group in Lafayette, California, Tom Velken has more than 20 years of experience in the acquisition and development of residential and commercial real estate. In order to remain abreast of changes to the local and national real estate markets, Tom Velken engages with professional organizations such, including the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB).

NAMB maintains a code of ethics all members are required to follow. Under the standards set forth by this ethical code, all NAMB members are expected to conduct their professional activities in a respectable and fully transparent manner so that clients never feel misinformed or misled in a business transaction. Furthermore, agents are expected to appreciate the code of ethics relevant to other industries and professions, and should not attempt to interfere with a peer or service provider attempting to uphold these ethics in order to expedite or enhance a serve rendered. 

Honest advertising is another key element of NAMB’s code of ethics. NAMB members should seek to represent their professional experience and the services they provide as accurately as possible in all marketing campaigns. Similarly, clients should always be made fully aware of a member’s relationship to a property, including any pertinent financial claims. Lastly, individuals are expected to follow local and federal law at all times. To review the complete code of ethics, visit NAMB online at www.namb.org.

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