Monday, June 20, 2016

Buying Your First Bass Guitar: Check the Neck

Real estate executive Tomas Velken is the owner and president of Viking Real Estate Group in Lafayette, California. Outside of his work in the real estate sector, Tomas Velken plays bass guitar in a classic rock cover band known as OPM.

When it comes to buying your first bass guitar or any guitar for that matter there are many features to consider; however, start with the basics. One of the most important components of any guitar is the neck, which extends outward from the body toward the tuning pegs. When shopping for a guitar, start by holding the guitar to see how it feels. The neck should not be too wide or narrow in your hand. If it does not feel comfortable at first, chances are that it never will.

On the top side of the neck is a series of metal bars known as frets, which allow you to play different notes. Play notes on every fret to check for buzzing or dead spots, which typically indicate design defects. It is also important to check for a warped or twisted neck, which often requires a considerable investment to fix. If you are ever uncertain about design quality, ask a more experienced friend or guitar instructor for assistance.