Saturday, April 22, 2017

Visiting Bellagio on the Shores of Lake Como

Tom Velken is the founder of Viking Real Estate Group, a full-service real estate investment company based in Lafayette, California. In his capacity as a company principal, he works directly with clients and engages in management tasks. During his leisure time, Tom Velken enjoys traveling with his family. He has visited the Lake Como region of Italy. 

The Rhaetian Alps frame Lake Como, which is one of Italy's beautiful attractions. Villages dot the shores of the Y-shaped lake, and one of them, Bellagio, has notable features that include steep cobblestone staircases, colorful dwellings, and bright gardens. 

Another attraction in this picture-perfect village is i Giardini di Villa Melzi, a tranquil park that offers unforgettable views of Lake Como. Moreover, the Basilica di San Giacomo gives visitors a taste of Italy's rich religious history, and a day of kayaking on the lake should appeal to adventurous travelers. 

Bellagio has a wide selection of restaurants, hotels, and other tourist amenities. Travelers are encouraged to visit in the middle of the week since Bellagio tends to be crowded over weekends.

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